5 Sales Tips When Speaking To Prospects

If you are new to Sales – use these Sales Tips When Speaking To Prospects.  These will help you to move your prospect to the next stage in the sales process.

Ok, so you have spent weeks trying to get past the gatekeeper to speak with your prospect.  Usually, if this does happen, it goes to voicemail…but today is your lucky day!  They have answered… What do you do now?


Don’t Panic.  Sometimes, it can come as a surprise.  Be prepared.  Ensure you have your plan in front of you so you know what you need to say.  Make sure you have prepared and have researched your prospect.


Never, ever try the small talk approach.  Asking ‘how are you today’ or, ‘how’s the weather in your neck of the woods’, is a sure way for the prospect to be wary from the off.  This says, “I am going to try and sell to you now”.  Get to the point and state why you are calling, i.e, what’s in it for them.


Avoid asking, “Is this a good time?”  If it’s taken you weeks to get past the gatekeeper, and you haven’t been put onto voicemail – accept that this IS a good time to talk!  Do not give them the opportunity to say, no, The only times I have asked this question is when:

  1. It is obvious they are driving and it is difficult to have a conversation.
  2. They answer in a ‘whispering tone’.  Usually, because they are in a meeting or seminar.

Acknowledge and arrange a better time to talk.  Hopefully, you should have captured their email from previous attempts – so just fire a quick email to confirm the conversation and the agreed time you will call again.  Make sure you call back!


If your goal is to set an appointment – don’t just barge in and try to arrange a date.  Your conversation needs to have identified if:

  1. What you are offering is a good fit
  2. That they will benefit from the offer
  3. You have explained how the offer WILL benefit them and solve their issues.


What if they say NO?  Usually, if they do say no, they usually give their reasons and it’s then up to you to handle the objection according to your planning and the conversation you have just had.

However, if it is still a NO – it doesn’t mean it’s the end.  Don’t give up!  Things change, businesses change, and so do the prospects.  Re-schedule according to the reason given and try again.


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