5 Tips To Stay Motivated

These 5 Tips to Stay Motivated is the key to success – especially if you’re in ‘sales’.  If you haven’t got any motivation or, find it difficult to motivate yourself – you shouldn’t be in sales!

So – how do I stay motivated:

1.  Industry Leaders & Influencers

I read blogs and books from industry leaders and influencers.  I watch and listen to Podcasts and take up any offers for Webinars.  It helps me to keep up to date with current trends, changes, and standards – but more importantly, it helps me to maintain a positive mindset.  Which, ever industry you are in…immerse yourself!

2.  “Jog-On, Negativity”!

I push any negative feelings & thoughts to the back of my mind – and then do the opposite.  Example:

Negative: “No point ringing them again – I always get voicemail”

 Positive: “Let’s see if I can catch them today”

Using this has resulted in appointments.

3.  Motivation Tools

I have a 12 picture postcard frame which is within my eye line on my wall of my office.  Each frame has one of favourite motivation quotes, example; “Those who don’t jump will never fly” and “Never sweat the small stuff”.  Creating a visual that you will see each day – helps to instill motivation.  Think about what motivates you.  It doesn’t have to be specifically ‘motivation’ related like my picture frame.  It could just be a picture of a new car you are saving for – or, a fabulous holiday or retreat that you will reward yourself with once you have hit your goals….(You do have goals – right?)

4.  Self-Evaluation

I am always evaluating myself to see how things can be improved.  After each call – I will ask myself “What could I have done better” and I will put the result of that thought into the next call.  This can be applied to anything that you do; a project you are working on; a new skill; a presentation.  There is always room for improvement and the journey of learning never stops.

5.  It’s Been Emotional

I accept that in this game (sales), it’s a game of emotions.  One moment you’re high on life because you have just bagged the best appointment of the whole month – to the feeling of desperation.  Speaking to prospects throughout the day means I can also pick up on their emotions – so it’s important to be able to override the negative emotions quickly before the dreaded downward spiral occurs.  I understand that it’s just part of the process and I never dwell on it.  Taking a break and having a word with oneself can work wonders!


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