In this article, I will show you which 7 steps you need to take to getting your Facebook Business Manager account set up correctly.

You’ve been coaching for some time now and you already get a steady trickle of leads which you are converting into amazing clients for your coaching programme.  You’ve reached a point in your coaching business that you are ready to up scale and you want to use Facebook ads to help you reach more of your ideal clients so you can grow your coaching business.

Excellent choice!

But, where do you start? 

The first thing you need to do is set up a Business Manager Account. 

Why use Business Manager?

Business Manager helps you to manage everything in one place.  So all of your Facebook pages and anyone who works on your ads for you are all in the same place.  It’s FREE to use and you can easily track your ad performance.

There are 7 steps that you need to do, to get your Facebook Business Manager set up correctly BEFORE you get to do the fun part and create your ads.

Lets get into it:

So, if you haven’t already – create your Business Manager account here: business.facebook.com.

Once you have created your new account, and added your Facebook Ad account, you’re ready to set up the essential elements to enable you to run a successful Facebook ad campaign and track your ad performance quickly.

Claim your assets

Your assets are your business pages, so your Facebook and Instagram business pages.

Add your team

If you have a team that will be working with you on your Facebook ads – they will need access into your business manager too.  You can select how much control they have within your Business Manager account.

Create a Facebook pixel

You will need to create your Facebook pixel for your website and then install it onto your website.  Your Facebook Pixel is a code which when added to your website – will help track and optimise your Facebook ads as it tracks visitors to your website.  This will help you to create custom audiences for your Facebook ads.

Verify your website domain.

Facebook need to know you hold authority to configure the ads for this website.  It also lets Facebook know what result you are looking to achieve when you set up conversion events for your ads.

Set up your Standard Events.

These are what we track for conversion so the ads can be optimised further. You do this in Events Manager and use the Event Set Up Tool to create the events on the pages that you want to track and optimse.

Configure your Aggregated Conversion Events.

This measures the performance of actions taken on your website. You’ll be looking to configure page views, add to cart, leads, sales etc. You can configure up to 8 conversion events and prioritise them.

Add your payment details.

When adding your card details – always make sure you have enough credit on your card and it’s not about to expire.  The last thing you want is to start running your Facebook ads and then the account gets frozen due to payment issues.

So there they are, 7 steps you need to take to get your Facebook Business Manager account set up correctly so you can start to use Facebook ads to generate leads for your coaching business.


Need help setting this up? Don’t have time yourself?

No problem – I’ve got your back.

get in touch here or I check out my Ads Management services here

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