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Advantages of a Telephone Survey

Thinking of conducting a Telephone Survey?

I recently carried out a Telephone Survey for a Health and Fitness Client.  After speaking to almost 100 ladies, we gained some invaluable insights to help tweak their Fitness Class Timetable.  Additionally, information obtained is now being used for targeted Facebook Adverts.

So, what are the advantages of a Telelephone Survey?

If you are wanting to find out what your target audience needs and wants are – a Telephone Survey is a cost-effective way to collect information quickly.

Here are 5 Advantages of a Telephone Survey

Personal Touch:  By contacting your customers, explaining that you are looking to provide a better service shows that you care about their experience when they use your products or services. 

Immediate Results:  Telephone Surveys can be conducted quickly and can get through a large amount of calls within a short space of time. 

Increased Response Rate:  It’s easy to ignore an online or postal survey, but much easier to obtain agreement from the respondent on the phone – especially if the interview is friendly and respectful of their time and requests.

Flexibility: A Telephone Survey allows you to be flexible in how you ask a question and means this can be presented differently if not understood the first time.

Immediate Recording of Data:  Data collected can be recorded quickly using a pre-prepared Excel Spreadsheet.  Therefore, it’s easier to generate charts and reports when looking at analytics as soon as the survey is complete.

If you need help with your Telephone Survey – please do get in touch here

Recent Client Comments:

“…A great piece of work and provides some invaluable insight. 

I’m impressed with your first project for us!”




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