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Do I Need a Website For My Small Business?

  What, No Website?! Do I need a website for my small business, is often what new and startup businesses ask themselves. If you are a small business owner and wonder if you need a website for your small business then read on .... Astonishingly – there are still...

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Checklist For Creating A Start-Up WordPress Website

If you’re a small start-up business, finding thousands of pounds to fund a website is difficult for most.  So, many small businesses and start-ups choose to create their websites themselves. WordPress.org or WordPress.com - If you want complete flexibility with...

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How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Small Business

  10 Ways A Virtual Assistant can help with Customer Service Not all small and new businesses have the resources to employ a full time Customer Service Consultant and, many business owners are too busy with the core areas of their business to manage this...

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How to Handle Customer Complaints

All businesses get complaints.  A customer complaint is NOT a bad thing.  This is an opportunity to put something right and prevent them from going to a competitor.  Most people will not complain.  They will just go elsewhere so, take this as positive. According to...

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Characteristics for Great Customer Service

What makes great Customer Service?   Everyone has their own personalities with qualities and characteristics that make who we are.  Some people are great at sales, some hate to sell.  Some enjoy working with figures and others find numbers totally confusing.  If your...

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Why is Customer Service important for your Business?

  10 Reasons Why Customer Service is Important for your Business There are so many things business owners think about to ensure their business is successful, that some tend to forget about the most important aspect. How good is their Customer Service and how can...

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