Can a Virtual Assistant help me with Infusionsoft?

Have you ever wondered, how can a Virtual Assistant help me with Infusionsoft?

I recently came across a blog post in the Knowledge Centre of Infusionsoft asking the question:

Can a Virtual Assistant help increase Revenue and Productivity?

We all know the answer is Yes, of course!

With this in mind, I wanted to delve a little deeper and explain exactly how a Virtual Assistant can help you with the daily management of using Infusionsoft for your business thus increasing revenue and productivity.

Managing the intricacies in Infusionsoft to ensure you take full advantage of its Sales and Marketing features can certainly be quite time consuming for the busy business owner, Right?

So, for this reason, handing tasks over to a trained Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant will result in you having significantly more time to work on other core areas within your business.


Here are 8 tasks a trained Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant can do right NOW:


Product Management within eCommerce.  This can include naming your product and setting the descriptions, pricing, categories and shipping information, as well as uploading your product images to showcase your products and services.

Creating Order Forms. Customising & setting up your Order Theme to your exact branding requirements with your products or services – not forgetting to include any current promotions you may have and any specific messaging you need adding.

Create, Design, Test & Schedule Email Broadcasts Using your Company Branding – Email Broadcasts can be designed, implemented and campaign recipients selected to ensure your Email Broadcasts reach the right audience.

Audit and Clean up your Tags. Tags are so important so, it makes sense to periodically audit what has been created to make sure there are no duplicates and that they are in the correct categories. Furthermore, cleansing your tags and categories will further help segment your contacts for a more effective campaign.

Implement Campaigns. Once you have your Marketing & Sales Automation Strategy – the next step would be to set up your sequence which I can do by pulling together your Goals and Communications.

Campaign Performance Reports.  Reports can be set-up for you, so you can view how effective they have been following your Campaign.

Set up your Dashboard. Using the Widgets, your Dashboard can be customised to your exact requirements, subsequently making access to certain reports and statistics a whole lot quicker.  

Contact Management.  Import your contacts or manually enter any new Contact Records.  In addition, check and merge any duplicates to ensure your campaigns reach the right audiences.

So, you see, as shown above – a trained Infusionsoft VA really can help with your business!

If, you think any of the above tasks are taking up too much of your time and you would much prefer to be doing something else – then now is the time to seek some additional support.

However, if you are still wondering, how a Virtual Assistant can help me with Infusionsoft and your have a specific project – then please, do get in touch to find out how I can help you.



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