Characteristics for Great Customer Service

What makes great Customer Service?


Everyone has their own personalities with qualities and characteristics that make who we are.  Some people are great at sales, some hate to sell.  Some enjoy working with figures and others find numbers totally confusing.  If your customer service department or team do not have the right qualities and characteristics – they run the risk of damaging your business reputation and before long – your sales will decrease, and your business will take a quick nose dive.


According to the 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report – in the UK, 57% of people thought Customer Service is important in their choice of brand. 

To ensure you have the right staff in place to manage the most important aspect in your business – here are 10 characteristics of great customer service:


Responsiveness:  Customers want their problem solved in the quickest and most efficient way possible so responding to enquiries, issues and complaints quickly, whilst making sure the response solves the problem – your customer will go away happy. Happy customers return.

Keep calm under pressure:  Most customer service departments will be dealing with multiple enquiries at the same time so, it’s essential that your team can multitask, as well as have the ability to prioritise effectively without getting stressed and, without having an outburst.

Patience:  If any of your team do not have patience – then they are in the wrong job.  There will be many situations that patience is needed to help your customers.  Some customers can be slow to explain their issue or, not explain it well enough.  Other customers will rant their frustrations out and other customers will ask many questions before they feel that the problem has been resolved.  Letting them speak without interrupting and answering their questions without getting frustrated will help resolve the issue quicker and, demonstrate that your team care about their problems and want to resolve them.

Positiveness:   Your Customer Services team need to keep a positive mind frame.  Whilst they might feel like moaning about the boss or other team members – it doesn’t set a good image for your brand.  Using positive language to reach the customers solution will also demonstrate your company’s professionalism.

Tone of Voice:  How many times have you been served by someone who was abrupt, or, sighed when you asked them a question?  A LOT!  This just tells us that they are unhappy, grumpy and not happy in their work.  It’s not a good image to have for your brand.  Customers want to be helped by people that look like they WANT to help.  Even if they don’t feel like being happy or helpful – they NEED to have the ability to switch it on to convey that message.

Product Knowledge:  To resolve your customers problems – your customer services team need extensive product knowledge.  There’s nothing worse that asking for help and that person knows diddly squat!  It creates a bad impression about the company and their values.  Your customer may then feel deterred into buying anything else.

Persuasive:  Customers will get upset or disappointed with products, services and even how their problem was resolved.  If your Customer Services team do not have the ability to persuade them into accepting alternative solutions, not only will it affect your sales figures, but it will leave your customers feeling let down.  Afterall, if the customer service department couldn’t resolve their problem – why should they return and buy again.

Commitment:  Your Customer Service team always needs to be committed to demonstrate a professional customer service.  Commitment to following your policies and commitment for being consistent.

Enjoy problem solving:  If your Customer Services team to not enjoy helping others and find solving problems difficult – it will show.  This will not only damage your reputation with your customers, but it will damage the morale within the team.

Ability to Listen:  Yes, we all have ears and we can all “listen” but to be able to really understand a customer’s problem – the ability to really listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it helps to resolve their problems efficiently.  Great listeners can decode and interpret what they are REALLY saying.



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