Checklist For Creating A Start-Up WordPress Website

If you’re a small start-up business, finding thousands of pounds to fund a website is difficult for most.  So, many small businesses and start-ups choose to create their websites themselves. or – If you want complete flexibility with the design and what you want your website to do – is the better option.  This is where you will download the software onto your hosts Server with your own domain name. is free, you don’t need your own host, but you would be limited to what you can do, and your domain would include “WordPress” within your web address

Branding – How do you want your website to look and feel.  Which colours represent your business? are you using a logo, do you have a strapline.  What type of message do you want to portray about your business?

Theme – WordPress has 1000’s of themes to choose from which, makes it really easy to create your website.  Make sure you pick a theme that enables all the customised areas that are most important to you.  You can browse themes here

Wireframe – It’s always a good idea to first design a wireframe for your site based on the theme you have chosen and decide how you want each page to look. There are online programmes that you can use to design your wireframe – but you could just design it yourself using pen and paper.

Pages – What do you want on your website.  How many pages, subpages, do you want to include a Blog, Social Media Connect and sharing buttons? Do you want a gallery/portfolio or perhaps include Ecommerce for your products?

Content – Before your get started in creating your website – take some time to prepare your content for each page.  Don’t forget to research keywords and spread those out within your written content for each page.  This helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  If you struggle with this, look for a Copywriter to help you.

Images – Collect and prepare which images you want to include.  There are lots of stock images you can purchase – some sites allow free download.  You might even want to have your own photos prepared instead.

Email Subscription – To build your sales funnel – you will need to collect emails from prospects for future Marketing Campaigns.  Think about how you are going to collect them, do you need a sales page, are you going to run offers/promotions, and will you need a Lead Magnet.

Plugins – The beauty of WordPress is that as your business grows and changes – so can your website.  This is done by using Plugins.  There are 1000’s of plugins that you can use within WordPress that enable easy customisation to your website.  Think about what you need and research to see if there is a plugin for it.  Make a list of all the plugins you want to use.   You can browse Plugins here

Get started – Now that you have everything in place and you are happy. Get creating.

If you would like help with building your website – get in touch to find out how Headway VA can help you.  You can also check out my WiordPress Website Packages here.



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