Do I Need a Website For My Small Business?

What, No Website?!

Do I need a website for my small business, is often what new and startup businesses ask themselves.

If you are a small business owner and wonder if you need a website for your small business then read on ….

Astonishingly – there are still businesses out there without websites for their small business, and there will be a multitude of reasons for this way of thinking.

Starting A Business

Let’s face it – starting a business is not easy.  Funds are extremely low for many when they first embark on this journey.  So, some businesses are going without a website to promote their new business.

Many may think that their business can get by without one, perhaps with just a Facebook Page – and others think that they’re too expensive and therefore cannot allocate funds to invest in one.

According to the Office of National Statistics – In 2018, 78% of adults bought goods or services online.

Granted, it’s good to have Social Media profiles – but it should never be relied upon to generate new business.  Have you ever looked at a businesses Social Media Profile and thought, “what is it they do?” and then look for their website link?  I have. Lots.  Besides, if your Facebook Page or your Twitter page is not clear AND you don’t have a website – what’s going to happen to that potential customer?  Disappear, never to be seen again.


Having a website for your small business is like having a shop window.  It’s essential to display who you are and what you do – to entice customers into your shop to find out more, (make a purchase or make an enquiry)

Furthermore, it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your Brand and promote your goods and services so that passersby (online shoppers) get an instant flavour of who you are.  Also, the way you Brand and promote your products and services should attract your ideal customers.  (Providing you know who your ideal customer is).

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a website for your small business and your competitor up the road or, round the corner does – then guess who gets the business!


Money and costs of having a website is usually one of the top reasons for business owners not having one.  Agreeably, some Websites out there can cost a pretty penny….and then some!

I mean, if you have the funds to invest in a reputable marketing company that can re-create your brand for you and give you the on-line presence you need with an all singing and dancing website – then brilliant – go for it!  The return on investment I’m sure would be worthwhile.

However, if you are like many start-ups and small businesses, then I’m guessing you don’t have a few thousand pounds – or, even a few hundred knocking about.

Thankfully, you have other options.  There are many low-cost DIY platforms to help build a website out there for your small business which, can give you a great brand and get you on-line to get you started.  Once your business starts to fly – you can always upgrade to an all singing all dancing one if you wish.


The most favourable platform is WordPress.  Over 60 million people have a WordPress website. Wow! that’s a lot of websites!

After you have gotten to grips with the interface and understand how the plugins integrate with your site – it’s simple to use.  Choose from  hundreds of free themes which can be customised to your own preferences – matching your business branding.

Learning WordPress can be quite time-consuming and, it can be a HUGE learning curve.

Thinking you need need a website for your small business? Then get in touch.  Headway VA can build starter websites for small businesses that are simple and easy to navigate as well as being affordable. Check out my WordPress Website Packages here


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