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How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Small Business

10 Ways A Virtual Assistant can help with Customer Service

Not all small and new businesses have the resources to employ a full time Customer Service Consultant and, many business owners are too busy with the core areas of their business to manage this effectively.


Here are 10 ways a Virtual Assistant can help with your Customer Service

Manage Enquiries  Email, Telephone, Social Media and Live Chat.  Make it easy for your customer to enquire with you by being available in a multiple of ways.

CRM Management Create and amend customer contact records.  Ensure all customer interaction and correspondence is recorded and most importantly – up to date.

Create Internal Documents Creating KPI’s,  Customer Service Complaints Policy and Procedures.  Start as you mean to go on to ensure all team members are on the same page.

Liaising with Suppliers/Warehouse Chase stock, manage deliveries and returns.  Keeping on top of timescales will minimise complaints.

Create a Customer Service Feedback Form  Find out if your customers are happy – if not, why not.  Asking for feedback will help you make important decisions about your products, services and your operations.

Create a Q&A Document  Once collated, this can be added to your website to answer the most common questions – freeing more time for your staff.

Process Bookings & Orders Deal with the associated administrations such as, sending relevant emails and instructions.  This gives a more personal touch rather than have everything automated.

Act as your Companies Gate-Keeper  Many questions can be answered by a Customer Service agent which, helps to filter out sales calls from customer enquiry calls – freeing up more time for your core business functions.

Follow up product enquiries  Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers.  If they have enquired – follow up to convert the sale.

Update your website with new offers and promotions  Keeping your site updated will help keep your existing customers and attract new ones.  Blogs and news articles, products and service details.  Adding new content to your website also helps with SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation)



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