How To Add A Customised Footer In Divi Theme

I quite often see Divi users asking, “how can I add a customised footer in Divi”?  So, in this blog post – I am going to show you how quick and easy it is!

You won’t believe how simple this is!  After reading this – you’ll be able to make a fully customised Footer in Divi for your WordPress Website in no time at all.

How to Set up the Section

Once you are in your WordPress Site, from your Dashboard scroll down to Divi and select Divi Library

Click “Add New” (next to Layouts at the top of the page)

Diagram A








Give it a name, for example, “Footer”

Select “Section” from the drop-down in Layout Type

Tick Global – (this means that when you make any changes to your Footer on one page – all changes apply to the Footer on all pages)

Click “Submit”

Divi Diagram B












How to set up the Columns

You now have your section laid out ready to add columns and content as you would normally. So:

Click on “Insert Column”


Divi Diagram C







Decide how many columns you want for your Divi Footer Layout.


Divi Module Diagram










Select which modules you want in each column.  For example, Text, Image, Call to Action

Divi Module Diagram









Edit the modules as you would with any other module with your unique designs.


Once you’re done – don’t forget to “Update” (right-hand side of the screen)

Divi Diagram








How to add the Footer to Each Page

Now that your Footer has been set up and is designed exactly how you want it – you can just add this to each page:

Select the page or Add New page you want the Footer to appear on.

Under the section select “Add From Library”


Divi Diagram


Select “Footer” or whatever you named it – it should be Lime Green in colour

Divi Diagram Global Footer












And Voila!

Just simply select from the Library when ever you want to add your new Footer to your pages.

Easy, quick and simple solutions for your Divi Website!

If you would like help with your WordPress Website, please get in touch!




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