How To Create Scroll Stopping Ads For Your Course

How to create scroll stopping Facebook™ ads for your course should be at the top of your agenda when you start to get ‘ad ready’ to promote your course or programme.

You know you have an amazing course or programme that you’re ideal clients will love and you know they will find so much value in it once they sign up…

But, wait…how do you get this message across to them…within 3 seconds?!!

That’s right, it takes just 3 seconds for someone to decide if they want to stop the scroll and click on your Facebook™ or Instagram™ ad!

Crazy right?

So, how do you grab their attention

How are you going to make sure that it’s your Facebook™ ad they make that choice with and not one of the many many others they see that day?

Let’s take a closer look…

Are you using video for your ads?

Firstly, video ads tend to be more popular than visual ads so if you can, try to create a short video to grab attention.  If you can’t create a video or you’re camera shy, try using gifs, they’re short and snappy and easy to make.  If you decide to use an image – be sure to make it eye catching, think about the text size and the colours – and try adding moving elements to the image to catch the eye.

Before you get to this point – think about all of your clients painpoints. You may have more than one customer avatar for your coaching business, so make sure the painpoint matches.

Try not to cram all painpoints into one add in the hope that it will grab the attention of all your ideal clients.  The only thing that will do – is water down your message.  So, be specific and make the copy interesting, tell a story, use metaphors or analogies.  Keep the sentences short, use emojis and don’t use abbreviations!

Don’t overlook your ad descriptions!

Another area that needs to be on point is your Facebook™ ad descriptions.  Many overlook this.  Your Facebook™ Ad description is a short summary about what your facebook™ ad offers.  So be sure to be specific but catchy at the same time.

How strong is your Call To Action?

Finally, you need to have a really strong call to action CTA.  What is it you want them to do – what are the next steps and what do they get.  Use strong action words, you could use words that evoke emotions that touches on their painpoints, or you could create curiosity.

I hope you have found these tips helpful! There certainly is a lot to think about when getting ‘ad ready’ and these tips are only a small element that fits into the whole jigsaw.

If you need help with your Facebook™ Ad – check out my services here .  

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