If you have a ‘freebie’ for your business, this article will take you through how to sell your micro offer using your freebie funnel – to EVERYONE that signs up. 

This is a great way to make some low-ticket sales and to get your micro-offer out to more people.  If you’re promoting your freebie using paid ads, the extra sales you receive will pay for the ad! Oh yes!!

What is a micro offer?

A micro offer is a small, low ticket offer, usually no more than £50.

An example of a micro-offer could be a PDF guide, short training series, a planner, templates etc, …

So how can you sell your micro offer – using your FREEBIE.

In this article, I will take you through how your freebie funnel will look and where to pitch your micro-offer.  By the end of this article, you’ll have a funnel and a process which you can implement easily into your process.

Let’s take a look:

So, you’ve created your ‘freebie’ for your services and now you need some lovely people to sign up for it, right?  You’ve promoted it in your social media posts and you have validated it, (i.e people are signing up for it!)  You’ve perhaps created a pop-up on your website for it too…but, you would LOVE more sign ups!

Prepare Your Organic Social Media Posts

The first thing you need to do is prepare your organic social posts.  Create the copy and the graphics you want to use.  Make sure the graphics are eye catching and that your copy really speaks to your target audience.  If you need help working out who your target audience is, read: 5 Steps to nailing down your target audience.

Create your Landing Page

Your landing page is where you will be telling your audience more about your freebie, how it helps them.  Don’t overcomplicate the sales page with too much information.  The goal here is to get them to sign up – so make it as easy as possible!  It should have a headline with some more relevant information about the freebie and how it will solve their problem and a sign-up button.

Don’t forget to say, Thank you!

Now that you have your landing page ready, next you will need to create a thank you page.  Thank your audience for signing up and let them know what happens next and how their freebie will be sent to them.  THIS is where you will add details about your micro-offer.  Use this as an opportunity to sell your micro-offer.  Again, don’t over complicate this – keep it simple.  Not too much information as your audience may just click past. 

Nurture through email

Whether they purchased or not, you should have a nurture sequence set up. Just because they didn’t purchase this time, doesn’t mean they won’t purchase later on. So make sure you have your nurture email sequence set up so that you keep in touch with your audience.  Your email sequence should include value content which will help them, share helpful tips and resources as well as letting them know all about your amazing offers.  So first decide how many emails you want in your sequence and what content you think they would find valuable.  Don’t forget to add in some sales emails to promote your offers too! The content should be relevant to the offers you will be promoting.  

Ready to scale up?

Now that you have your freebie funnel in place and you are collecting a steady stream of sign-ups AND your micro-offer is selling (yay!) you may want to think about scaling up!   Using paid ads can really help scale your business by speeding up the process of gaining new sign ups.  You can reach new and wider audiences than organic would do.  AND – your micro-offer will help pay for them! 

If you’re looking for some help with your Social Media, Facebook Ads, or setting up your freebie funnel – click here to find out how you can work with me!

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